Stain Baby, Stain

Fences and decks are the most popular forms of hardscaping installations. Fences add more privacy and clear barriers to property lines. They also provide physical barriers for small children and animals to keep them home and safe. You can choose what color, design, and material you want the fence to be.

With decks, you can choose the exact same look to match your fence. You can even choose to contrast the deck and fence, so they add more of a mix and match design. The design possibilities are endless and so much fun to create.

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Wood fences already have an authentic look to them, but over time the paint fades, and the wood looks aged. Staining the fence will give a natural look and refresh the fence to withstand the elements. Wood splinters and cracks can cause injury.

Staining will protect the wood and allow it to last longer and be safer for you and your loved ones to enjoy. There are so many different shades of stains to choose from as well. Choosing the right stain for you is the first step toward getting the most beautiful fence and deck.

Deck Staining?

Decks lose their coloring and start to fade. Some even get sunspots or sun-bleached. Decks left to the elements look run down and dangerous- even when they are in perfect working condition. However, there is a fantastic solution to this aesthetic problem.

MasterGrass is here for your hardscaping needs. Wood stains bring out the natural beauty of your wood deck. You can even choose the color, and we do all the hard work. Even if you want to change colors, we can sand it down and stain it however you like. Choosing a stain that fits your needs is the first step to getting the beautiful deck and fence that you can; it’s also exciting.

To Stain or Not to Stain

Staining your fences and decks gives them a whole new makeover. It also protects from the harsh weather that Mother Nature throws its way. Staining locks in loose particles of wood that could cause splinters. Nobody wants to go digging out microscopic pieces of wood from their fingers and toes – Especially if those toes belong to your fur babies or human babies.

A bonus is stained fences and decks look nicer and new for longer periods. If they start to peel or you want a different look, later on, MasterGrass will be there to help! Stains last a lot longer than sealants; that’s why it’s much better and easier to go with getting professionals to stain treat. It’s also of better quality and makes your fence and deck look fabulous for longer.

Decks and Fences, Oh My!

Having hardscapes such as fences and decks allows you to mix and match the colors to make your outdoor furniture pop. Otherwise, you could keep them the same stained color and coordinate the outdoor furniture to fit a specific theme you have in mind. Color is such a fun aspect of landscaping and hardscaping, and it’s easy to customize to each person as well.

MasterGrass has the expertise in getting the job done, but how you want the finished project to look is entirely in your hands. There’s so much you can choose from, don’t let it overwhelm you; let it empower you instead. You have a professional team to help you, and it’s ok to be a little assertive.

Staining is Safest

Staining your fence and deck allows us to make sure they don’t need to be repaired. We are already getting up close and personal with your hardscapes, so we might as well inspect them for your safety.

There is a reason why you have them, so don’t let them get worn down and eventually become unusable. You want to enjoy your outdoor seating areas, the outdoor kitchen, or maybe even your fire pit. You have a right to do so in the safest way possible. MasterGrass is here to do that for you, and your safety is our primary concern.

Stain Protection

Staining your fence and deck protects the wood from rotting and growing mildew. The stain preserves the wood for longer periods to enjoy your outdoor areas worry-free.

Staining your fence and deck also protects them from harmful UV rays that can strip the color from the wood. UV rays and excess water can cause the wood to bend and warp. In addition, stain protects the wood from hard rain showers and storms. Finally, darker stains provide the most protection to the wood, making it last longer.

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Staining your wood surfaces is a lengthy process depending on how big your deck is and how long and tall your fence is. But, don’t fret – the good news is that it lasts a while before reapplying. A quality stain lasts anywhere from one to eight years.

It definitely pays to have MasterGrass do this project for you. It’s also safer so no one slips, falls, or gets hurt with any power tools that might be used. The stain may last for a while, and so will your deck and fence. The protection stains provide increases the longevity of your hard surfaces.

Pros are the Way to Go

We are professionals, which means we understand how to get the job done safely and promptly. We have a skillset and knowledge base of getting the job done right the first time, which saves you time.

It’s our job to help you so you don’t get hurt, and we save you time, energy – and of course, money. It’s your job to enjoy the landscape you have worked so hard to create. So why not do it in the safest way possible? That’s why MasterGrass is here to serve. We are masters of grass and landscapes with class- so sit back, relax and let us do what we do best.

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