Make Your Backyard Lit This Year

Make Your Backyard Lit This Year

Fireplaces may stir up some childhood memories. They provided warmth, comfort, and a sense of security – right at the heart of the home.

Outdoor fire pits can provide the same things. They also make it easier to have s’mores nights with friends and family. There are so many excuses, er we mean, “reasons,” to have an outdoor fire pit.

What Types of Fire Pits are There?

There are many different kinds of fire pits to choose from. So how do you find one that fits your needs best? Well, first find out what your needs are.

Do you want to burn wood? Be able to turn the fire on with a button or valve switch? Which is most important to you?

There are different types of fuel to consider too. For example, is wood too much of a hassle? Is gas too tricky to use? Is propane too expensive?

There are many things to consider, so making a pro and con list might be helpful to you.

Smokeless fire pits are a good option if you don’t want to be chased by smoke. Smokeless fire pits are designed, so a double-walled structure pulls the smoke back into the fire and gets reburned.

What Are Some Reasons to Get a Fire Pit?

One of the reasons to get a fire pit might be the most obvious: sweet marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker treat. Yes, we are talking about them s’mores. They are super fun to make as well as eat.

This fun activity can be a bond builder with your family and friends, from finding the best way to roast the marshmallows to adding the perfect kind of chocolate.

Fire pits provide you with a great reason to get outside and enjoy some relaxing solitude. Listening to the fire crackle is calming and cleansing from stress. We all have stress in our lives, so having a new stress relief technique may be the missing link to your wellbeing.

No matter how ample your outdoor space is, fire pits come in different shapes and sizes. Just keep in mind to keep a 2-3 inch perimeter around all sides of the pit. No one will get burned from being too close.

Fire pits add to the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Choosing what furniture to put around the pit can be fun. Fire pits offer a variety of colors and patterns to choose from based on the look of your outdoor living space.

Are There Styles that Fit Me?

Sometimes, life is about material things. Not all fire pits are made from brick. Metal fire pits have become more popular. They look sleeker and more elegant.

Stainless steel and cast iron are metals meant to get hot but not melt. You can get the metal in various colors that fit your needs. Not all fire pits have to be black either – they can come in silver, gray, copper, and more.

There are portable fire pits and permanent ones. The best kind of portable fire pit is a table. Most of them have a tabletop that closes the pit. This prevents the pit from damage when not in use. Other tables come with covers, so the weather doesn’t damage them.

What are the Benes from Getting the Perfect Fire Pit?

Wood burning fire pits teach people how to build a fire safely. You have to have a certain level of caution when dealing with fire. Fire pits are enjoyable, but fire is unpredictable; you have to be on your toes to put out fly-away sparks.

Gas or propane fuel teaches you how to change and fill the tanks safely. It can be difficult at first, but the more you handle it, the more experience you gain. Then you can teach those around you to practice safety etiquette.

Do you entertain a lot? Then, you should invest in a fire pit. This will allow you to entertain all year round, and it’s a great conversation piece. The more you use the pit, the more of an expert you will become, and your friends will be impressed with your knowledge.

Fire pits create an image of marshmallow roasting and relaxing evenings on a chilly night. Fire does create light, but not enough to pollute the sky.

You can still enjoy the night sky without feeling the cold. The fire adds an element to the beauty as well.

Fire is natural stress relief. The sound of fire crackling is a type of white noise that relaxes the mind. You can lose track of time and be able to put down your busy schedule long enough to recharge.

Enhancing Your Hardscape Design

One of the best things about customizing a fire pit style, you can have it dictate the rest of your outdoor living design. You can also make your fire pit an accent instead of the main piece. Adding an excellent brick design around the base of your fire pit can turn it into a work of art.

You can add many things to your patio or lawn to make the space yours. For example, if roasting marshmallows is your thing, turning your area into an outdoor kitchen is the perfect thing for you. You can cook a meal for your guests in the kitchen, then dessert around the fire.

If cooking isn’t your thing and relaxing is more your speed, an outdoor living room might be better. Adding couches and comfortable chairs around your fire pit offer a cozy space to enjoy anytime. Even if you live in a rainy area, adding a roof or walls can create a better space.

Making sure there is enough seating is key. Everyone should have a place to sit and be comfortable. Fire offers warmth, but you don’t want to stand around it the entire time – making retaining and seating walls a must.

Adding outdoor pillows can add a new element to your design as well. Outdoor spaces are all about comfort and your vision for design.

With all of these elements to consider, the best thing to do now is consult with MasterGrass today. We are masters of grass and landscapes with class!

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